October 1982. 3-Bar Ranch outside Terlingua. Texas. (L to R) Dick Frank, Helen, Howard Upchurch, and ranch manager holding revolver. In back: Helen’s son-in-law, who almost got Howard and me killed the first night I started taping him. Check out Howard’s pose. It’s the same as the one in front of his hootch at CCC, but with a Lone Star beer.


3-Bar Ranch: Dick Frank & Howard Upchurch — 4 Comments

  1. Hi my name is Larry Wall I have pictures of my parents Brenda and Larry Wall with the guy in the hat far right at 3 bar ranch from the 80s. I would love to learn more about that gentleman.

  2. Hello, Larry
    The man in the black cowboy hat in the photo at the 3 Bar Ranch is Rick. Very nice guy that everybody calls “the Iron Man” because he worked in iron, sculpturing handsome objects. He was married to Helen for a while. Then Helen married Howard Upchurch (for a while). Rick was said to have a genius I.Q.
    Good to hear from you,Larry. If you have any other questions, let me know.
    –Dick Frank

  3. DICK I !! que pasa, it’s really you, with howard upchurch in terlingua, your rocks are doing fine, billy’s working long shore in LA, he still comes down 2 x month, wait til I TELL HIM YOUR ON THE INERTUBE george

    • Hi, George,
      Really nice to hear from you. Hey, I have talked to Bill a few time over the years. Recently, about a month or so. I think I told him about Howard Upchurch’s story is on the “intertube.” Anyway, he knows I finished the book. One of these days, when things are right, I will visit y’all again to celebrate . . . still being alive. –Dick

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